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Our unique early warning fire detector utilizing CCD technology is capable of detecting the earliest stages of overheating - in many cases giving advanced warning prior to detectable smoke being produced!

Inert Gas Fire
Suppression System

inert gas fire suppression system

Pyroshield® inert gas fire suppression system uses IG-55, an inert gas blend classified as an NFPA2001 Clean Agent, safe for sensitive electronics, human occupied spaces and the environment.
The Pyroshield® system is particularly useful for suppressing fires in hazards where an electrically non-conductive medium is essential or desirable, where clean up of other agents present a problem, or where the space is normally occupied and requires a non-toxic agent.



Intelligent Fire Detection
& Alarm Panels

Intelligent fire detection and alarm panels

Protec's range of UK-made EN54 addressable fire alarm systems with industry-leading features have been designed not only for ease of use for end-users, but also with project implementors and maintenance personnel in mind. Typical application environments include commercial/industrial building, apartments, hospitals, airports, stadiums, power plants, etc.



Early Warning
Fire Detection
early warning fire detection

Cirrus Pro range of cloud chamber based, early warning fire detectors are designed to detect fire in its earliest stages, often before visible smoke is produced. Earlier warning of impending fire together with timely intervention substantially increases the odds of bringing the fire under control quicker or even eliminating it altogether, and may help minimise potential downtime and collateral damage due to fire.



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CME Pyroshield Sdn. Bhd. (CMEP) - The fire detection and suppression specialist.

Fire is serious business, and here at CMEP, your fire safety needs are our priority. Whether it be for general building fire alarm systems, protection of more critical facilities requiring automatic fire suppression systems, or for protection of plants & processes, our dedicated team of fire industry engineering professionals are on hand to assist with consultancy, design, commissioning and service related to our range of fire safety solutions.  ..... learn more

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